Don’t forget to pay attention to these points when designing HDIPCB!

Don’t forget to pay attention to these points when designing HDIPCB!缩略图

What design factors should be paid special attention to when designing hdi boards? Let us find out.

Generally, HDI boards include SMD and BGA components. It is necessary to know the spacing between the pins because it helps to define the trace width, via type and PCB stacking.

Using microporous or continuous stacking technology can help us save more area.

HDI board
The choice of material is very important for every PCB design. But it is more important for HDI circuit boards. The designer’s goal is to select materials suitable for manufacturing while meeting temperature and electrical requirements. When designing the aspect ratio of plated microvias, the physical thickness of the material is very important.

The via cap layer is an offset grid of microvias that can be located in the center of the surface mount pad to provide additional wiring area.

HDI circuit board
Reduce the plane perforation high-power/ground copper wire area bga to improve power integrity and electromagnetic compatibility. The small aperture can improve the image surface effect and shielding effectiveness.

Each layer of material has a different CTE value and moisture absorption rate when stacked. PCB designers need to use the same material or materials with the same CTE value for each layer to avoid this situation when designing layering.

Due to the high density of HDI circuit components, designers need to pay attention to thermal issues when designing. The thinner medium is combined with the micropores to help dissipate heat. In order to maximize heat dissipation, consider adding thermal vents.

The wiring requirement is the total connection length required to connect all the components in the printed circuit board circuit, and the substrate capacity is the available wiring length to connect all components. The capacity of the substrate needs to be greater than the wiring requirements, so that it is convenient to have enough wiring capacity in the later stage to complete the design at the lowest cost.

The density of the printed circuit is measured by the average track length per square inch. The PWB density is derived by assuming that each network has three electrical nodes on average, and the component lead is a node of the network.


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